STALEKS Vellentang Pro EXPERT NE-90-9 mm

Artikelnummer: 100.154.56

Staleks Cuticle Nipper

Blad 9mm breed

The Expert line of cuticle nippers are the best money can buy. This nipper is designed for nail techs and salons.
These nippers are hand sharpened and fully able to be sanitized and sterilized due to corrosion resistance.
All STALEKS tools are built to last meaning they are specifically designed to be resharpened in the future and stay part of your tool bag for years.

  • straight cutting edges with an inclination
  • cutting part with protrusion
  • convenient for work in hard-to-reach areas due to the narrowed working part
  • increased view of the processed area due to comfortable extended handles
  • perfect sharpness and complete closure of the cutting edges, due to a professional multi-level sharpening performed by a specialist manually
  • smooth and easy tool stroke due to the perfect fit and polishing of the joint surfaces
  • the additional corrosion resistance of the tool, which is provided by polishing with GOI paste
  • stainless steel AISI 420

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